Welcome to Lexington Advisory Group
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We are a boutique advisory practice that specializes in business transformation, growth strategies, and business intelligence. We offer technical expertise and specialized advisory services to companies in both private and public sectors and around the globe. We don’t believe in “cookie cutter” practices. Our services are customized to help your business deal with a variety of issues – from revenue squeeze to cash-flow management, from board/management practices to internal financial control, from strategic planning to operational efficiency.

We help our clients become adept, insightful, and pioneering in changing economic conditions, navigate complex government policies and regulations, and all the while, plan for the long-run. Our goal is not to create strategies for you, but assist you in making strategic thinking a part of your culture and long-term decision making process whether you are growing, managing or evaluating your business.

We rely on data and empirical evidence and bring years of industry experience to arrive at the advice we give our clients. We also believe in relationship-building with our clients, and we walk alongside them as they grow, or as they become more nimble in leveraging their capacities.

We also believe in relationship-building and we walk alongside our clients as they grow and become more nimble in leveraging their capacities.

Let us know how we can be of help and become a reliable advisor to your business.