Growing your business or non-profit doesn't have to be complicated.

We can help.

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What we do

We advise startup and grow-stage companies and social enterprises around the world.

Our advice and technical help strengthen nonprofits’ board and management, policies, fundraising strategies, programs, and their impact.

With our technology arm, iQuantile, we get founders ready to build their product, while we help sharpen their pitch and projections, and focus on their business strategies.

How we advise

As much as we would love to work with everyone, we are selective about our clients.

We are transparent and accountable. We ensure the confidentiality of our clients. Our process starts with a brief, where we learn about you, your ideas, and what you need help with.

We conduct our due diligence, develop a proposal with milestones, and we kickstart our work with you.


What we’ve done

We help bring ideas to life. For over a decade, we’ve had the privilege of working with many social enterprises, HealthTech, EdTech, SaaS, e-Commerce, CRM, and GovTech, and the mobile market.

We are proud to call them our partners.

Our Advisors

We are a global and diverse team of experts that specializes in startup business advisory and growth strategies. We’ve been advising tech startups and social enterprises since 2008, and our advisors bring a wealth of knowledge that can help your ideas become real.

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Tahasin Alam

Startup and Tech Advisor

Over 20 years in healthtech with extensive experience in national healthcare systems. Multiple successful healthcare startups, and advisors to healthtech impact companies

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Cyrus Z. Kazi

Managing Director

Over 20 years of leadership experience in the social sector, impact tech, edtech, govtech, healthtech, and other technologies in emerging markets. Tech founder and strategic advisor to startup and growth-stage companies.

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Christopher King

Startup and Tech Advisor

Three-times founder, investor, startup advisor, social impact founder, and Professor of Business.

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Nagla Bahar

Director, Business Operations

Qualified in quantitative social sciences with international experience in operations management. A data-fluent strategic planner with a track record of implementing sustainable solutions to complex business problems.

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Abdur Rahman Partner

Government and Tech Advisor

Extensive international experience in technology and security in government, private, and social sectors. Former security and intelligence professional with the US govt., currently advising companies in government relations.

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Mamnur Rahman

Tech Advisor

Over 15 years of experience in central tech operations, systems development, network architecture, and management. Successful track record of large-scale tech infrastructure deployment, project management, and solutions design.

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Palash K. Das

Social Sector Advisor

Coming Soon...

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Tarique Nadeem Ridoy

Budget & Accounting Consultant

A finance graduate from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka with experience in financial analysis and budgeting, financial modeling, and capital markets.